The California College Promise Project (CCPP), a partnership between WestEd, PennAHEAD, and the College Promise Campaign, provides professional development, technical assistance, research, and evaluation to support College Promise programs. The CCPP also shares College Promise knowledge, strategies, and research findings to audiences in California and across the nation.

Announcing the College Promise Guidebook for California and Beyond!

 The College Promise Guidebook for California and Beyond helps teams develop, strengthen, or expand a College Promise program. Each section of the Guidebook includes embedded tools and exercises to help teams design the core program structure and functionality, and a cost estimator tool can also be downloaded and customized. Research summaries and examples from the field are embedded throughout the Guidebook to help you learn from other College Promise programs and to make evidence-based decisions about program design and implementation.

Mapping College Promise in California: 75 Programs and Counting

California College Promise programs are considered active if they:

  • include students based on residency or school attendance
  • offer direct financial support for students
  • serve all students who meet the program’s eligibility criteria

Featured Project

New Report on College Promise in California for the James Irvine Foundation

November 2018

Just released, this report from the California College Promise Project at WestEd describes the College Promise landscape in California, including the number of College Promise programs, the features of those programs, and the general perceptions of College Promise held by practitioners, leaders, and policymakers.

Access the full report here, and learn more about the CCPP’s work in California in this recent article in Forbes.

New: CCPP’s report on College Promise in California featured on

CCPP staff’s work for the James Irvine Foundation was featured on WestEd’s research blog. View the post for a summary of research findings from CCPP’s recent report, California College Promise: Program Characteristics and Perceptions from the Field, including why a majority of survey and interview respondents in California believe the College Promise model is here to stay.

Featured Resource

Promises That Count: College Promise in Los Angeles County

Fall 2017

The Promises That Count Report (PDF) includes a summary of the key features of College Promise programs in Los Angeles County.